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At Magic Spangle Studios, we leave no stone unturned to innovate out of the box ideas,
videos and solutions. Let us walk you through the various stages that every project undergoes.

Idea (R & D)
Idea (R & D)

Idea is the essence on which we build the fantastic world of innovative ideas, solutions and visual wonders. At Magic Spangle Studios, ample amount of time and thought process goes into churning out ideas. Once all the ideas are on the table, we nurture them with intensive R&D and then finalise the ideas that are most promising and totally failure resistant.


Once our client finalizes the idea, we began the process of pre-production in which we gather all the elements we are going to require to build a magnificent project. Whether it is a logo that we have to design or a whole brand we have to build from the scratch, every project goes through the process for the better understanding and results.


During the production process out team uses specified skills and tool to devise the best services to complement your requirement. We go into the deepest areas of our creative storage and bring a unique solution or service to life.


In this phase, all the solutions and services are gathered and put together in a way that it weaves a logic and a story. Our services always have creativity, logic, and a business sense in them.

Final Touch / Critics / Reviews
Final Touch / Critics / Reviews

This is the final process where we seek client’s approval. If they have any feedback to give, we take it and incorporate it into the project. Because in the end, the client must always be happy.

Our Clients

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