5 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are An Excellent Market Tool

5 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are An Excellent Market Tool

Videos have become the most appreciated form of entertainment. Vines, YouTube Channels, Dubsmash, people nowadays love to express themselves through videos, so does the marketeers. Having a video on your website increases your website’s search engine ranking, about half of your website visitors watches your video. All these facts together shows that Explainer Videos certainly has become an excellent market tool. Videos are most effective when they are short, humorous, entertaining and informative.

An Animated Video is all of the above and with the right ingredients you are bound to get a video that captures the attention of your visitors. So, here are my list of 5 reasons why Animated video is an excellent market tool.

Animated Videos are Secular

An animated video contains characters that resemble no religion, caste, age or sex. So, an animated video will equally appeal everyone and in a market so competitive you certainly want your message to be louder and conveyed to a larger group of people.

Excellent For Brand Development

Logos can be used innumerable times and along with it the brand names. Theme colors when blended with them makes the video more appealing and informative. Your characters can evolve without fundamentally changing, allowing you to build recurrent themes and brand icons over a series of videos.

Gripping, Entertaining and Informative

Easy to understand words, funny looking characters, bright colors, more frame per seconds catches the interest of wide group of audiences regardless of their age.

Animated Videos can be used for any kind of Topic or Brand.

Many people have developed this notion that animated videos are not serious enough, but the truth is animated video can be used to express any kind of emotion. For example: they used motion graphic style of animation to introduce the history and politics of Iran in the movie Argo.

Can be shared Anywhere

Animated video can be shared and played everywhere, your website, Facebook, YouTube etc. It can also be used for variety of purposes like presentations, company launch, company portfolios etc..

So, now that you’re intrigued with the idea of Explainer Video, go on and discover the top 5 Explainer Videos.

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