The Road Run Kashmir

The Road Run: A Magic Spangle Production

I won’t be calling “The Road Run” an idea, when we first thought about doing something for the love of travelling in us, we did not had any name to it. Travelling is my hobby, and one day over the office dinner I came to know that there were others like me in my team. I was thrilled to know this, so I assembled everyone to the common room and asked them a question “What travelling means to you?”. “Four months”, that’s the time it took us finding a way to ask the same question to you “What Travelling Means To You?” and that way is “The Road Run”.

Watch the trailer of “The Road Run” here.

“The Road Run” is a travel themed webisode which you can enjoy on Youtube as well as our official website. We will be documenting the travel experiences of various globetrotters and bring out to you. We seek to inspire and educate those aspiring travelers who mostly struggle on money constraints when it comes to travelling. To travel is to explore and the travelers are wanderers who love to sleep under the sky, eat the local food rather than nibble on expensive cuisine. We love the idea of exploring things as it is, “Raw and Pure”! and squandering money makes no sense to us. Therefore, “The Road Run” will answer all those who rather think that traveling is an exorbitant business.

Female Solo Traveller

The first installment of the webisode as the title in the trailer says, is about a female solo traveler who steps out of her comfort zone to break the stereotype conviction that women are too fragile and tender to travel. Our protagonist Swati Negi for this season is an actress and a traveler at heart who absolutely loved our idea and was pretty excited to the concept of solo travelling. We needed someone to embrace our concept and once we met Swati Negi we knew that it could have been no one else.


Whenever you hear the name Kashmir, you would certainly hear some sort of affix latched to it. Something like Mesmerising Kashmir, Beautiful Kashmir, Amazing Kashmir, Dangerous Kashmir but most precise of them all is “Kashmir- the paradise on Earth”. I don’t want to talk much about Kashmir in here, just watch the “The Road Run” and explore the see yourself We would be taking to you to a virtual tour over three beautiful cities of Kashmir and then of course Swati has lots of stories that she garnered out of her beautiful expedition.

“The Road Run” has been made with immense respect for the love of travelling. The creators believe that this world is one heck of a beautiful place and you’ve got one life to explore the beauty of it. Explore some through our eyes, get inspired, pack your bags, tie your shoes and get out to explore the wilderness.