Why Facebook?

Why Facebook ?


“Why Facebook ?“

While researchers and analysts are fighting it out in articles and journals about the exact number of hours we spend on Facebook. It still remains that we are spending googillion amount of time on the social networking website.
In fact for many of us, being on the Internet has become synonymous with being on Facebook. Or doing everything else between Facebooking.
So we end up wasting a lot of time doing meaningless things, like scrolling up and down through our news feed, posting and commenting on status updates every 5 mins.
And this has led to some fundamental changes in our behavior. Psychologist Keith Campbell in his book “The Narcissism Epidemic” says that Facebook is used as “a technologically enhanced mirror, reflecting a preoccupation with one’s own image, others’ reactions to this image, and a desire to update the image as frequently as possible.”
It has made us aggressively opinionated. Whether you are passive aggressive or overtly aggressive, the bottom line is that you are asserting your opinion aggressively. Mostly unnecessarily when you could easily ignore and couldn’t care less.
We have come to think we can stalk people because no one is watching us and that is why we do it a lot. Caught or not, stalking is still as creepy as it can get.
And let’s not forget how in the name of socializing what we do is annoy people with Farmville requests, tag them in our random photos or make them privy to private conversations and force them to change their minds. We are not saying using Facebook is out and out bad, but think about it, Facebook is meant to connect with people and has meaningful dialogues, and not to make you mean, bitchy, depressed and obsessed. Right? So is there a way of using Facebook productively? The answer is yes. Your Facebook newsfeed was not just meant to be selfies, brands trying to get cozy with you, baby photos, Friend’s update saying nothing, cute couples, articles and some more selfies. The newsfeed was planned to become your personalized newspaper. So follow and prioritize things or people you want to, and simply unfollow others.
Facebook can be an amazing way of sharing information and being in the loop by being a part of or creating Facebook groups or pages.

Exhibit your talents; create a fan page: Need an opinion on your latest paintings, photos, song or dance? Broadcast it on Facebook and get opinions from people. They might not come to the auditorium to see you dance, but can always watch the video online.
Be the change you want to see or at least be a part of that change: Did you know Facebook contributed in a major, major way in Arab Spring? Well, it did, and in making a lot of other protests, revolution campaigns successful by spreading awareness, schedule events, make donations and have meaningful debates.
Now you know why, right? Now c’mon go on like and share this video and let others know too. If you know of more ways of using Facebook productively, let us know in the comments below.
So who said that Facebook was a total waste of time? Not us! Not us!

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